Industrial Gas Filter

Foam Filter

We supply a variety of foam filters. Made with expertise and precision, these filters look after purification of all kinds of liquid metals. The capacity to work in a running system, makes it eligible to clean all kinds of metal and eliminate chances of rejection due to contaminants. Uncanny ability to customize on our part, makes it possible to offer silicon carbide foam filters. Silicon is induced into organic foam immersed in resin containing cross-linking agent.


  • Easy installation, Durability, Low maintenance
  • Running system cleaning
  • Purifying all kinds of liquid metals
  • Clearing grey iron, SG iron and non-ferrous metals
  • Basically in all kinds of metallurgical processes

Nitrogen Gas Filter

We are offering nitrogen gas filters. We supply filters for nitrogen gas filtration application to almost all the nitrogen generator manufacturers including mvs, psa, sam gas, molsieve, patel gas, gastech, gastek and many more we supply replacement elements also given by other suppliers